Counterfeit Whiskey, don’t get caught out!

Trust is central to any brand building a loyal following and one of the greatest dangers to this is the rise of counterfeit whiskey. While no one appreciates being duped, this is not a new phenomenon.

Whiskey Investment

Whiskey investment is extremely attractive right now. Lucrative returns driven by a massively expanding Asian market mean that the rare whisky Apex 1000 Index which tracks the price of 1000 of the most collectible bottles of Scottish single malt has seen a 550% increase in value since it began back in 2008.

What can we do with the drunken sailor?

Alcohol and sailing have always been intertwined with one another. Thus there’s a rich vocabulary inspired by hundreds of years of tradition, some of the most choice phrases I’ve gathered together for your entertainment.

Redbreast Lustau – Where does it fit?

So what’s the Lustau edition all about and why should you be excited? Redbreast Lustau is a Non – Age Statement single pot still initially aged in bourbon and sherry casks for a period between 9 and 12 years after which it spends a further year maturing in specially selected sherry butts at the bodegas Lustau.

I’ve got the Powers!

I’m an unabashed fan of Powers whiskey and am of the opinion that the range contains some of the most under rated Irish whiskeys. The history of the brand is long and storied; with its founding dating all the way back to 1791. It has been an indomitable part of the Irish whiskey landscape for centuries.

I must cask, what does it matter?

The whiskey experts of the world would tell you that the type of casks used on a whiskey can influence anywhere between 60% and 80% of the eventual flavour. The master cooper in any distillery is one of the most essential people in the production process. So why is that and what’s

Exciting times at Walsh whiskey distillery

With the dozens of planned new distilleries opening all over Ireland those of us with a passion for the amber spirit are in for a treat over the coming years. Unfortunately for the people of Wexford there are no plans to open a new distillery in the county at the moment, however, just over the Carlow border sits one of the most exciting new enterprises which is aiming to make a big name for itself in the whiskey world.